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UV Hand Sterilizer, Easy and instant control of virus, Bacteria, Dust …

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Original UV Hand Wand Germinator

for Easy and instant control of Virus, Bacteria, Dust mites and Odors with Purelight




Better Than Sun-Dried

Simply let the Purelight  shine wherever sterilization is desired.


-Easy and Instant contrl of germ, virus, house mites and more

-Various applications: Bedroom, kitchen, livingroom, bathroom, hospital, kindergarden, etc.

-Chemical free

-Portable, convenience and easy to use

-Hightech UV band pass filter


Features of PURELIGHT UV light wand

-An effective germ killing household applicance works with invisible light without any harmful chemical agents

-No chemical residue and moderate UV exposure doesn't damage material

-Helps to eliminate bacteria, virus, fungus, modls, etc on the surfaces of most household and personal items

-Light weight, convenient hand held design

-LED display lets you know when the device is operating

-Easy to use

-safety features : Special glass filter gives you 10times more protection than unshielded UV units, Bulb containnment if the bulf breaks, Automatic shutoff gurns the UV lamp off after a prescribed time period



Model: Purelight

Lamp: 6W UV lamp

Weiht: Body 1(lb), Adoptor 0.35(lb)

Size: 20.9(L) X 3.15(W) X 2.36(H)(inches)

Adapter/Charger: input: 100V~240V/50~60Hz, Out: 4.2V/1.0A

Lamp life: 8000h

Battery operating: Maximum 60 minutes (charging 3hours)

Area coverage: 253.7nm(Ozone free)

Warranty: 1 year



-US patent

-Korea patent

-US test report

_Korea test report

-Japan Test report

-Italia test report


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